Hello, I'm Ahmad. I'm a programmer and this is my portfolio. Evidently, I'm not much for design and style, I'd much rather write code instead.

You can check out my public work on Github, follow my technical blog, or get in touch by email: ahmad@amireh.net.

karazeh - C++

A library for patching desktop applications, oriented towards game applications. It can be embedded inside a application and can be used as a stand-alone patcher and launcher for one.

grind - Lua, C++

A tool for parsing log files and making use of data contained in them that's usually hard to make use of outside of a debugging environment.

Beyond parsing log files, grind is heavily focused on transformation and refining of said data and comes armed with separate tools for viewing the data, and persisting it.

Pibi - JavaScript, Ruby

A simple and usable web app for personal financing. The app helps people track their expenses and know where their money is going.

Pibi runs on the web as a web-app, and natively on iOS and Android.

Vertigo - C++

A fast-paced arcade game. Built using Ogre3D, CEGUI, BulletPhysics and runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X.

PageHub - Ruby, JavaScript

A content editing platform focused on documenting software. PageHub requires documents to be written in Markdown syntax, and provides users with "spaces" that can group documents, allow colleagues to collaborate in editing, and present them to the public in a customized/branded manner.

PageHub extends the original Markdown syntax with a few features to facilitate documenting software like automatic generation of table of contents for long articles, embedding external documents and source code, and some more. The extensions are kept separate in a Ruby gem, pagehub-markdown.

rgx.io - C++, Ruby, Lua, Perl, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python

A web tool for editing regular expressions in real-time. Supports multiple regex dialects.

Updated on: 07/20/13